the fall classic

My dad raised me to love baseball, and Yankees baseball at that.
I was lucky enough to take my dad to the first game this season at the new Yankee stadium; you bet we both cried.

the new stadium via elbelbelb

You could say we're a baseball family; my pap, my brother, and my husband are huge baseball fans.

the old stadium via verlage photo

So every fall when the air turns crisp and the Yanks head to the playoffs, I get terribly excited.
When they won their series against the L.A. Angels on Sunday, I jumped off the couch and cheered.

via me :) taken so many years ago.

So tonite you'll find my husband and I glued to our tube, brew in hand, me cheering on the pinstripes (my husband most likely rooting against them); enjoying a fantastic fall classic.

Do you have any memorable baseball stories? They're always my favorite to hear.
Who are you rooting for tonite?


Bridget said...

Enjoy the game!

Sorry - but I have to cheer for the Phils!

Roxanne said...

Cheer on Bridget!

Rebecca Lauren said...

amen sister! disappointing game last night but it was only game 1! i'll be rooting for the yanks right along w/you down here in raleigh!