repurposing for pleasure

It should not come as a surprise that yarn is welcome in my home; and that it somehow magically breeds like bunnies. If you aren't carefully organized it will take over your whole house.

Old library card catalogs may be the answer for me and maybe for you too.

There are plenty to be found all over the internet. The drawers are plentiful, their size just right.
Not to mention that they're gorgeous, with their warm patinas and shiny fixtures.

I adore the colored cards slipped into the slots.

I'm really drawn to the idea of using useful pieces of furniture for unconventional uses.
Whether you are looking to keep your stash in line, crafts, or knick knacks, consider going 'old school'.

via cf071

Look for solid wood, check for stability, and be sure to measure so it will fit in your space.
I may have found 'the one' on my local Craigslist, cross your fingers for me.

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Claire said...

I love "library furniture"! I don't own any but I hope to have some one day. I hope you scored on Craigslist!