super {flea} sunday

I hope your weekend was absolutely fantastic.
Mine was lovely and I'm really, really excited for the Sunday {flea} today!
This week's edition also happens to accompany some really great news.

Last week I discovered the best antique market here on the Emerald Coast.
Bienvenue Vintage Home is insanely large, perfect for hours of roaming through the antiques and fabulous vintage finds.

And this week....I work at Bienvenue! I was in the perfect place at the perfect time.

Steve and Richard, the owners and my bosses, are exceptional antique dealers who have an eye for the unusual and this utterly amazing ability to put together interior spaces and vingettes that make you want to bubblewrap it and and plop it into your place, as is (makes me wonder what their home looks like).

I feel extremely blessed to have snagged a job there and I have a feeling I'll be learning alot.

If you're ever in the area, be sure to visit them.
I'll leave you with some snapshots of their beautiful store.

Being a seaside town, we have to play it up a bit. What's better than a bathtub full of starfish?

One of my favorite booths is filled with kitschy camp finery: Plaid tin lunchboxes and old boy scout uniforms. Perfectly masculine.

This will be mine someday. It's French and I think one of the most amazing pieces in the store.

Even the counter (we call it 'the nest') is adorned with crystal chandeliers and old glass display cases.
I still cannot get over the brackets, they look like they belong there together.

I want to hear about your weekend too and any of your awesome finds.