cozy feet.

For being a knitter, I'm not much of a sock person. I know; bad.knitter.
But slippers are a whole other story.

I love a cute pair of schlupas (what my Bubbie always called them) to keep my feet toasty warm when I'm in the house.

This pattern is newly released by French Press Knits and I'll be knitting them up for sure.
You can also buy them via her Etsy if you like.

via french press knits : pattern via ravelry

These Bobble Ballerinas are also adorable

pattern via ravelry by lucy hulett

Or these sweet flats that could easily double as slippers

What do you wear around the house to keep your feet warm?


French Press Knits said...

So flattered to see my slippers here! I must admit, I am a knitter who is not a sock person either. Maybe it's because I have never made any (crazy, huh?!?). I have made a couple of Christmas Stockings, but other than that, no socks for me!

Gina said...

so cute! I want some too lol!

BonnieW said...

I love the second ones! I have been looking for some slippers, or fuzzy socks with no luck. I might talk to you about making some :)