homespun holidays: gifts for the military man.

My husband is in the Army and I know a few of my lovely readers are also military wives. Sometimes it is difficult to choose gifts for the man who wears a uniform almost 24/7 and has little spare time, no?

Hopefully this little gift guide will put a smile on any military man's face for the Holidays!

My husband takes a lunch to work every day and I pack what feels like a million of them. I love these Bento Boxes as a gift because they're stylish yet manly, big enough to fit alot of food, and diswasher safe.
What man wouldn't want to tote one of these to work?

Ahh the Camelbak; hydration at its finest. This is a great gift, but one I won't be getting my husband as we already have six in our home. But if your guy needs to keep his thirst quenched on the job, at PT, or while deployed, there are about a million and one Camelbak options from sleek to full blown backbacks.

Sure we could easily gift our guys head to toe in camo, but that wouldn't be any fun. We gave these soaps to the groomsmen at our wedding and they were a hit! PS. Don't give these to anyone traveling by plane; not a great way to end holiday traveling. If you plan on sending these to your man who's deployed, get the go ahead from your command first.

Art is a tough thing to give a military man; all of that drab green, beige, and things blowing up (unless your whole house is decked out in mossy oak and taxidermy of course). Becca over at Lovely Yellow Ribbons makes the greatest military inspired artwork. You can even contact her about a custom piece.

And yes, I know there are a bajillion options for custom dog tags which are always an option, but I love these Paracord (aka the idiot-cord) bracelets. A little reminder of your intertwined love.

And of course I couldn't leave out my knitters. Knit your man a scarf or hat for off duty and a set for on duty, just be sure to keep within the color regulations which can be found here.

pattern via ravelry

I know my husband wears his fingerless gloves until they are worn out.

via knit picks : pattern via ravelry

Or knit a little bit of whimsy with this grenade. You can easily add a ribbon and it an ornament.

via the guardian : pattern via ravelry

What are you giving to your military man for the holidays? I have a few 'army' things in mind, they are under wraps for the time being but I'd love to hear your ideas!

Tomorrow I'm going to put together a really easy wrapping paper tutorial and another gift guide. See you then!


French Press Knits said...

Those Bento boxes are great!

BonnieW said...

I like the Bento Boxes! Also, we use the Camelbak water bottles, which are AMAZING. I have a 32oz one, they're not only online but also were at our Clothing and Sales at Ft Campbell :)

Chelsea said...

These are great, Rox! I love the Bento Boxes. It feels like making lunches is an endless task, doesn't it? haha I bet those pretty pails would help though!