aw, c'mon guys.

I got three responses to yesterday's post; you should be ashamed for reading it and not leaving me some love. Just kidding, but I still want to hear from you, so I'm going keep todays post lovely and light. Head on back to yesterdays post and let me know what inspires you.

Scampi (who is adorable) and her ukulele have been popping up on all sorts blogs, sites, and whatnot. So I had to see what was up. She's damn good; who else do you know that can tear up an Akon song on the uke? Scampi sure can. Enjoy her little rendition of Regina Spektor and leave me that comment below! (doooo it).

I just love the way she's always smiling and giggling; like some personal joke we don't quite get yet.


ImplausibleYarn said...

I think more people should play the ukulele! Thats a great video thanks for posting. I like the ways she's enjoying music. Its nice to see, and you can never go wrong with Regina Spektor.

elledee said...

ahh so cute

artohline said...

I love that song and she does an AMAZING job of it! Sounds just like Regina! I'm going to go watch all her stuff on youtube now. :-)