happy weekend.

Guess who went to the doctor today? This girl! I actually had to go to the ER, but I have some sort of odd luck and was in and out in about an hour. Ask any military wife; in a military hospital, that's quite a feat! (Ok I guess in any hospital that's a feat).

Anywho, turns out I do have a sinus infection (or the beginning of one) so the doctor gave me some lovely nose spray and praised me for using my Neti Pot. She said with constant use of that plus my medicine I should be better in a few days. I'm so grateful for all of your sweet comments and for sticking around while I get better.

This weekend will be full of snuggles on the couch and resting up, so next week can be super productive. I will for sure be watching Conan's last episode of The Tonite Show this evening; I'm terribly sad to see him go. And I have an amazing {flea} for you this Sunday! I'm so excited.

What are you doing this weekend? Have some fun for me, ok? See you soon. xoxo


Kate said...

I hope you feel better soon, sinus infections are no fun at all! I'm glad your nose teapot thingy is helping! I love that you found pretty neti pots, it must make the whole process a whole lot more enjoyable! Get some rest and get well soon!

Erin Wallace said...

I'm sorry you have a sinus infection. They are terrible. And I've always held to steam being one of the great remedies for sinuses, so keep at that Neti pot! Hope you feel better soon!

Roxanne said...

Thanks ladies! I hope you both have an amazing weekend!