i heart quatchi.

I'm getting pretty excited for this years Winter Olympics in Vancouver. I was browsing on their official website last night and squealed with glee over their mascot Quatchi.

Isn't he adorable? Who doesn't love a friendly Sasquatch.

According to the Olympics site Quatchi loves hockey, photography and traveling. Apparently he also adores those bright blue earmuffs because you never see him without them. He pals around with Miga ( a sea bear) and Sumi (an animal spirit).

The adorable bunch was designed by Vancouver based graphic designers Meomi (check out their site, it's sooo cute). I really like the fact that the Vancouver Olympics motifs play alot to their native people and traditions and that Meomi was smart enought to play into some of their famous legends.

Visit the Vancouver Olympics official mascot site, especially if you have kiddos; there are all sort of adorable illustrations and activities. Shoot, even if you don't have kids, I had fun.

I'm thinking this little guys is going to make his way into my mailbox very soon.

Do you get into the Olympics? I'll be doing some more posts about them, along with the Ravelympics; so get excited with me!


Jennifer said...

oh my gosh i LOVEEE quatchi! we went to victoria, BC for our honeymoon back in august, and they were in like every shop in the whole town! i instantly fell in love!

Roxanne said...

Yeah! I'm seriously in love; I already ordered the little plush and am contemplating more :P

Jessica said...

super cute!

Kate said...

Oh god, I just want to snuggle the stuffie!

elledee said...

ha that little guy is cute!