love of mine.

Josh walked into the door early from work and it couldn't be a better day for an early release. Today is our anniversary; we've been together for six years. It seems like every day we grow into each other a little more and life gets a little easier. I couldn't be happier (or luckier) to have such a wonderful person in my life.

I wanted to timeline some photos for you all, but to be honest, I'd rather be hanging out with him right. I hope you can forgive me! Here's the song that was our first dance on our wedding day.

Josh, if you read this, I really love you. xo Roxanne


Kate said...

Happy Anniversary! I just love your first song- how did you decide which song would be your first? Happy happy happy to you!

Roxanne said...

I think we both "knew" this would be the song :P But what we did was each compiled a list of 12 songs on our own (well he had 16 and I had almost 30...oops). Then we compared lists. We eventually crossed out all the ones that weren't on both lists and listened to each song. This was towards the end and we just...knew. It was a nice way to spend time together in the middle of all the other stressful planning.

Chelsea said...

"...every day we grow into each other a little more and life gets a little easier" so true. beautiful. congratulations!