super {bowl} sunday.

Did you pick up the clever play on my usual Sunday words? Of course you did. Today is probably the biggest day in Football in the NFL and I am pretty pumped to spend the day with Josh and friends. We're making some chili cheese dogs and chicken buffalo dip, yum.

I'm taking a {flea} day off, but I promise the {flea} next week you won't want to miss! And don't forget; tomorrow is the last day to enter the have a little heart giveaway! I can't wait to pick a winner!

Who are you rooting for today? I'm rooting for the Pittsburgh Steelers. But Roxanne, I thought the Colts and Saints were playing? Sure they are, but in my world my hometown team (and biggest winning NFL team ever) would storm on the field and play the game anyway; kinda like superheros. Haha; see you tomorrow. xo


Allison said...

It's kind of a prerequisite in our house that I root for the Colts, since my boyf is from Indiana. We're currently fighting over who get to wear the Colts Snuggie for the game!

Ms. Rahl said...

I agree on the Steelers. I did not enjoy the Steelers not being there.
I hope next season is a better one for our boys!

Jessica said...

that's funny we actually had a house full of Steelers fans here last night haha.