moving day.

My house is in chaos; the movers are here packing up and loading the truck. It's one of the perks of being a military family that I most enjoy; I'm not allowed to touch anything. They literally take things out of your cupboards, pack them, then put them back in the cupboards when you get to your destination. Nice, right?

So when I've talked about "packing" this while time, I was more...futzing. Putting all the books together, all the pictures together, and organizing in one spot everything we will gleefully shove in our car for our trek.

Send some well wishes our way that nothing important (aka anything vintage) gets broken! See you tomorrow with the world's greatest Road Trip Craft Kit!


Jennifer said...

good luck with the move!! you're so lucky to have all those movers taking care of everything :) i wish i had that next time we move - everytime i do it myself it's total chaos!

Kate said...

Lucky you! Moving sucks big time- I'm so jealous that everything is done for you!

Travel safe!

Tara S. said...

im still unpacking!