wish and wants.

Is it me or is today just ultra busy? I need a little afternoon pick me up to get through the rest of the day. So here's a little list of things I would love, love to snag right now!

1. This super cute vintage beadspread makes me smile. 

2. Our one year wedding anniversary is coming up and the traditional gift is paper. I'd love a custom Ashley G print to hang on the wall.

Or this little pretty from Emily Martin; I love her drawings so much.

3. Tea is always on my list but the IngenuiTEA teapot is probably the most amazing thing ever.

4. A pretty planter for some pretty plants.

All these little treasures make me smile. What's on your wishlist these days? See you later this afternoon; I'm going to attempt to make some fabric journals and share them with you.


Morganism said...

Oooh, yessss. I have a teapot just like that! It's perfect for making a couple of cups of tea with the same tea leaves. So amazing! <3

LINDSAY said...

My wishlist...a new basket for my bike. Warmer weather and picnics are just around the corner. I want to be ready!

rachel! said...

ohhh, both of those prints and that last mug are lalalalovely. i hope your boyfriend reads your blog! haha

Kate said...

One year of marriage, huh?! That's great! I'd love to hear what you have to say about being newly married, since I'm going to be in those shoes very shortly. ;) I hope you get just what you want!

Roxanne said...

I'd love a bike first Linds, but one with a basket for sure. Kate, don't worry I'll be doing a year in review when the time comes :P

Mandi said...

Hi Roxanne! I saw your comment on elsie's blog. So great to meet another native! :) I sleep in North Canton, but live in Akron. Or Kent. But I prefer Akron and our fabulous dive bars. hehe
So where do you live now?

Roxanne said...

Ms. Mandi! Hi, hi. Oh how I miss Ohio. Akron does have some wonderful dives, though I miss Rays and the Zephyr more than my heart can describe. I'm actually about to move to Colorado in a few weeks. Love your blog, we should collaborate on something Ohioish and wonderful! xo.