happy earth day.

What a beautiful morning here in Colorado, it's so fitting for Earth Day! This is one of my favorite yearly celebrations and this year I want to share it with you.

Check back all day long, for inspirational ways to love Mother Earth; reduce, reuse, and recycle! See you in just a bit to kick things off. Who's excited?


Hearthandmade said...

Happy Earth day :) xo

Manda said...

Considering I am an Executive Director for an Environmentally Friendly company... I'M EXCITED!!!

Nina Jizhar said...

Hi Roxanne,

You left a comment on our Earth Day giveaway for a fat quarter fabric from Swanky Swell but you didn't leave your contact information. Congratulations! You are one of the four winners. Please send me an email at info@swankyswell.com for your mailing address.