this native land.

This summer I'm completely inspired by Native American culture. From their handworked beading to the illustrious headdress, I'm in love. The natives of this land are a peaceful people and that's also something I strive to be. To kick off the week, here's some prettiness inspired by this land's people.

This picture says so much. Out of all the cultures in the world, I think Native American women are among the most beautiful.


I've wanted a teepee for quite a while; who's coming over for a Native inspired evening of fun?

This high fashion cutie is fierce, no?

Aren't headdress' the most beautiful thing ever? The intricate beading, leather, and colored feathers are amazing to me.

all via we heart it

Here in Colorado Native culture is abound. There are so many shops with beautiful turqouise, handwoven Navajo rugs and handcarved peace pipes.

Look for a Native inspire d-i-y in the upcoming weeks here at The 60/40! I hope this kicked off your Monday with a smile. See you cuties later. xo.


Bri said...

I am totally lovin' it! Makes me want to feather up a headband!

Morganism said...

Listen to Mariee Sioux.

MeeshOne.Love said...

tell me about it! i want a teepee so bad!

Katie said...

When I was a kid, I had long brown hair that my grandma braided in pigtails during the summers. I thought I was Pocahontas. This post reminded me of that. So pretty!