on the way.

Summer that is. Even though in the past few weeks we've had snow, rain and hail here in Colorado, tonite, while I sat outside and enjoyed the sunset I heard the first sure sign that Summer is on it's way.

The gentle 'whoo-whoo' of a sweet little owl lulled me into daydreams about bike rides, baseball games and swims in the springs. Summer is coming friends, and I can't wait!

Before I head off for the evening I want to give you all a huge Thank You! I was nervous about going a little deeper than crafts and whimsy today with my May 4th post. But your genuine responses and thoughts really made my day. I love conversing with you and hearing your thoughts on the important (and not so important) stuff. Between this and the last two This {Humble} Home posts, you all have sincerely made me smile so big I can't wipe it off of my face! xo.

I'll see you tomorrow for some fun and a peek at my new tattoo! Have an awesome evening.

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