one love.

Who doesn't love getting mail? I do, I do! And even when I know a package is coming, nothing is better than the mail man knocking on your door and handing it over.

A few weeks back I won a giveaway from MeeshOne. Love on her ultra adorable blog. And when the mail man knocked on the door I tore that sucker open like it was Christmas!

Inside were the cutest suprises from her MeeshOne Studio Spring line.

The little plushes are so sweet and even though you can't see the little monster's tail, it's adorned with a little heart (aw!). I'm wearing my butterfly hair clip in my ponytail today and I'm obsessed with the Alice in Wonderland print she sent me! The pocket mirror went right into my purse.

 She also sent my delicious peanut butter treats; they aren't pictured because they went directly into my mouth! Meesh, I followed your advice and slapped some nutella on them; they were fantastic!

She also have, I think, the coolest business card I've ever seen.

I'm so happy with my package; thank you Meesh! You can really tell that she loves making things that are whimsical and fun. Each item is crafted beautifully. I suggest you check out her Etsy shop ASAP!

I'm off to the tattoo studio today; I can't wait to show you guys! I hope you'll check back in just a bit for a clue! xo.


Erin said...

What a great package! Can't wait to that sneak peak of the tattoo!

MeeshOne.Love said...

I've been so busy I have barely had a chance to check blogs or blog myself...but I've been wondering if your package came. Yay! I'm so happy you like everything!! I worked hard on the design of those cards, so thank you for the compliment! I can't wait to see the pictures of your new tattoo...I'm a total sucker for them...oh and Happy New Tattoo Day to you!!
Much Love.