super {flea} sunday.

Good morning! It is rare that I'm up super early on a Sunday. Since my friend Angela is here, I had to drop her off at her Zumba training at 8am! When she comes home this evening, she'll be a certified Zumba badass.

Since I had a few early hours to myself I decided to hit up a few of my favorite {flea} spots and see if there were any cute deals to be found. Of course there were!

 I snagged this sweet wooden VW bug for Josh's nightstand, which is severly lacking in the decorative department. It was really dusty, but a quick spray down, a little sunshine and it's now happily next to his spot. It even has a cute wooden steering wheel, seats and dash inside. 

I'm off to make some bacon and eggs, yum. Later I'll pull out my wedding dress for a little something special tomorrow! Have a great day. xo.

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