don't go chasing waterfalls.

Are you having a 90's TLC flashback? I loved that song when I was a kid and was constantly drawing a black mark on my face to be just like Left-Eye. But this isn't about 90's music, this is about literal waterfalls.

Last Friday Josh and I visited Seven Falls. It's called such because the water "falls" over seven different times and they're all connected to make one great big 181 foot gorgeous fall. The park offers lots of ways to see them, from a bird's eye view to up close and personal. We even climed the 224 steps to the tip top.

I had no idea there were different kinds of waterfalls, all dependent on the way the water falls over and interacts with the rocks below. But each of the seven falls is different and have their own names. My favorite is fall number three, The Bridal Veil, which cascades perfectly over making no contact with the rocks below.

Natural wonder's like this leave me speechless. To think about how the fall was carved into the canyon and left undisturbed until it was purchased for less than $1,000 in 1872. James Hull, the second owner turned it into a resort and charges tourist twent-five cent to scale the wooden stair case he had built himself.

Eventually a mountain elevator was built, metal stairs, a gift shop and a nature trail. That may seem like alot, but the area remains fairly undisturbed. We walked through the cave like entrance to the elevator and saw amazing beadwork and pottery done by the natives in the area and some of the first tourist brochures and trinkets.

It was blissfully peaceful. The surrounding canyon is the perfect backdrop for a sunset and even though there were other people around, you can sit next to the falls or on the observation deck, listen to the water rush down and feel it's spray on your skin. I can see myself spending lots of time here; I was instantly inspired, calm and excited all at the same time.

We chose to go in the evening and for a really good reason. My favorite part was when the sunset behind the canyon and it was dark. Lights are installed to shine on each fall and they change colors from pink to blue to green, turning Seven Falls into a night time rainbow. Josh and I were amazed and had fun picking out our favorite color combinations.

Isn't that breathtaking? The colors were so vivid, I could've sat on that bench until they forced me to leave.

I know many of you have travelled to lots of really cool places all over the country. I want to know what's the most awe inspiring place you've ever been to? In terms of natural wonders, this one is at the top of my list. If you're ever in Colorado I really reccommend making a trip.

In fact, if you're in Colorado. Let me know and I'll come with you! We can be inspired together. Hope you kittens have an awesome afternoon. See you tomorrow. xo.


Megan V said...

OH my gosh!! I am in love with this!! I mean... don't get me wrong... you had me at TLC. But this waterfall is stuning and the lights just made it so memorable! I'm pretty far from Colorado but if I ever have a chance to go there I am going to the Seven Falls!!!

Roxanne said...

Megan I love that you're so inspired! Come on out to Colorado :)

mom said...

Those falls are just amazing, When we come out you can take us....

Anonymous said...

I've been here 12 years and still haven't made it to Seven Falls! Ooops.

On another note: you made me feel old. You were a kid when Waterfalls was popular? Oy. I was living with a boyfriend so I was *ahem* not a kid. :)