super {flea} sunday.

What an absolutely beautiful morning! The sun is out, we're cooking up a big breakfast with our friends and enjoying plenty of laughs. It was so nice having them here. Leah and I are two peas in a pod and had so much fun hanging out and chatting ( though we missed the

Even though she and her hubby were just staying the night, I still wanted to make them feel welcome. So I used Ruffle's free bunting pattern and hung a sweet little sign over the bed for them.

It was so easy to do and looked pretty on some pearly paper. To remember their evening with us, they can slide each piece of bunting off and take them home.

And I may have missed the thrift last night, but I still have a totally cute {flea} for you today! A few weeks back I stumbled on some amazing finds amongst a pile of hardware.

The vintage locker bin fits perfectly under my nightstand for all of my magazines and books. A bright red photo album will make an awesome scrapbook and the little green book is the best! It says "My Trip" on the front, is dated 1923, and has prompts every few pages to record what you saw on an unforgetable trip; people you met and yummy things you ate. I hope to fill it up with one amazing trip someday!

What found its way into your life this weekend? You all shared some amazing weekend plans; Ikea, weddings, band meetings. I can't wait to hear! See you all tomorrow with some great inspiration. xo.


RedDirtRevival said...

that banner is so sweet! What a great little hostess you are! I have NO doubt in my mind that we three could be DANGEROUS if we all had a chance to be in the same room! This must happen.

Roxanne said...

Yes it must happen! Leah and I missed the Thrift by 5 minutes, but I have no doubt the 3 of us would be a tornado!

Leah said...

Sounds like a plan to me! And I can't wait to hang up our banner when we get home!

Shary Lopez said...

So jealous of the trip journal. Wish they had more little simple things like that still. :)