sweet little bug.

I'm intrigued about people and their connections to their pets. Why do they choose the dog they do? The name? Jessica Florence and her pet rat, Bug (yes, a rat) have me reeling. Rodents usually make me squeal and run the other way, but Bug; he's completely adorable. I'm not suprised the amount of amazing shots she's taken; it's clear she and Bug are smitten with one another. And that can make anyone smile.

Tell me that isn't sweet? The rest of Bug's Flickr set is just as cute. He has a saucy little personality and I can't get over the cuddle pictures.

I read that, sadly, Bug passed away last year. But Jessica, in honor of her friend, made a book about him. What a sweet memorial for a sweet little bug.

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Brooke Ann Dove said...

What an amazing find! Those images are so sweet. Thanks for sharing!