wedding week: handmade details and memories.

When it comes to making your wedding personal and unique, going handmade makes sense! I really believe that mixing and matching homemade and store bought things was the single best decision for our big day, aside from saying 'I do'. Not only did it give our wedding that touch that made it feel like "us", but enlisting the help, skills and hands of friends created memories that we'll have forever. 

Josh and I knew from the get that we wanted to utilize the amazing skills of our friends and family. Not just to add a handmade element, but to know that we could look back someday and know that our closest loved ones helped put their stamp on our day. It still amazes me the things people helped us do, and I'm forever grateful.

Here are a few of the handmade touches throughout our wedding. You can really see how easy it is!

One of our biggest contributors was my friend and matron of honor, Jess, of Some Call Me Cake Lady. Kittens, in matter of days she poured her heart, love and tears into the most amazing cake. I'm pretty sure there were fights over the last pieces, everyone loved the way it tasted and oohed and aahed over the how beautiful it was. The best part was proudly introducing Jess and giving her all the credit, instead of some person in a bakery. 

And because I know you want to know, we had three flavors: Red Velvet with Baileys Buttercream (our favorite), Damn Good Chocolate with Raspberry and Coconut Pineapple with Pineapple. They were insane; most brides talk about how they forget to eat or don't eat much...ya, I had a piece of each!

The only slip up of the day can be seen in this photo. Jess and I never even noticed that the caterer had left the cake on the plastic white stand. It was supposed to go directly on the log (which my father and neighbor loving cut for me. They thought I was nuts).

Another huge help and homemade gurus? My parents. Though it took some convincing, our reception was where I always wanted it to be; my childhood backyard. My Mom and Dad lent us everything from tables to time. My Mom (who I owe all my craftiness to) surprised us with some really beautiful, handmade touches.

She made this light-up block to look like our invitations (also made by a family friend). It's so charming and still sits in my living room. 

She also came up with one of the biggest wow factors at our reception; hoards of grapevine and lanterns strung all throughout the tent. She and Jess' husband and my cousin had lots of laughs getting this up, but the tent glowed like you wouldn't believe. 

And a quirky chalkboard menu.

My friend and bridesmaid, Candice, and her boyfriend sat down with Josh and I to make favors. Us girls had a good laugh watching the boys tie delicate bows around these tiny little flower packets. Mixing handmade and store bought, the little tins were from the dollar store!

My cousin, who has a bad wrist, must have cut a gazillion program pages. She really champed it out and we laughed the entire time. Her mom made Josh and I a pretty card box with dried flowers.

The picture in my banner for the blog were my seating cards, all pinned to a clothesline. My best friend from high school was our dj. Our friend who made the invites? Her husband married us. One of my dad's best friends arranged our flowers; the mason jars were a Craigslist find!

Just having family and friends help, made it homemade, but with their added talents and love for us, it made our day even more memorable in a way I can't put into words. I dedicate this to them, because while Josh and I may have had the ideas, they put it into action. Without them our wedding wouldn't have been as memorable. 

I have one more handmade moment tomorrow and we'll wrap up the week with a little peak at Josh and I's nuptials. I hope you'll stop by and help me celebrate! xo.

*these photos are property of the 60/40, please refrain from using them*


Jessica said...


It was an amazing day and we are so blessed that we were a part of it. I love you beautiful friend!

mom said...

I cant believe its already been a year. I still have the grapevine on the porch and made a wreath for the house. It was a absolutely beautiful day,my congrats to you and Josh. And next year youll get to spend it together. Love you both. Mommo

divamcknitster said...

i squee'd when i saw your cake. so cute! what a beautiful wedding you had.

happy anniversary!