freaky friday

Hey, hey, it's Friday! Are you ready for the weekend?
I am very much ready.

In fact, it just hit me that there is one week until Halloween.
I don't know if it is the Florida weather or what, but I haven not put a thing out aside from these little cuties:

After the Zombie Walk on Saturday I hope to put out a few Halloween decorations.
I have a large rubbermaid tote full of stuff, but I think I will only put out my favorite things since the day is so close, carve some jack o' lanterns and call it a Halloween!

What did you set up in your house? I am looking for some good carving ideas too, so send them this way!
I'm really looking forward to relaxing with my husband and enjoying a Harvest Moon Pumpkin Ale.

I hope your weekend is just as great! Be sure to check back on Sunday for Super {flea}; I have some really exciting news!

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