the zombies are coming

I love Halloween and I love a good costume.
This year my husband and I, along with some friends are participating in a local Zombie Walk.

That's right; we get to dress up like zombies and shuffle down the street in attempt to break the Guiness World Record for 'Largest Gathering of Zombies' (currently held in  Ledsbury, UK).

Of course I've been searching for the perfect costumes, make-up and zombie shuffle ever since.
In my search I came across alot of very cool and eerily beautiful zombie pictures.

I feel like this zombie is hailing a taxi.

This entire set by Robyn Walsh is surreal and eerie; check them all out.

Seattle Zombies still love their coffee.

What an adorable zombie child.

To find a local Zombie Walk near you, hop over to this site.

What is your Halloween costume? Any big plans? I want to know.
And if you're unprepared for the Zombie Apocalypse, I highly recommend you read The Zombie Survival Guide.

Be sure to check back, I'll have pictures of our Zombie Walk and a costume how-to.

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