monday morning

Good morning. I hope you had an enjoyable weekend.
Mine was lovely; I'm feeling really refreshed and motivated today.

Monday mostly means one thing; knitting club!
I love that we meet on this day, it's a perfect way to never have that dreaded 'case of the Mondays'. Instead I spend the morning (and let's face it, usually into the afternoon) knitting and chatting with a group of awesome women.

I'm starting on some holiday knitting today. Namely a Thorpe hat for my brother-in-law.

And perhaps I'll start a pair of Bella Mittens for myself; I just can't resist them.

What are your WIP's? Any upcoming holiday knitting? I'd love to hear.
Have a great start to the week!

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Jessica said...

Happy Monday my dear!
I'm not a knitter so I have no WIP. But I plan on baking some the next couple of weeks. I'm also trying to plan a big cake for my cousin's surprise 30th birthday party.