super {flea} fleamarket sunday

Sunday just might be my favorite day of the week. My husband and I always spend it together, relaxing, fussing around the house, or exploring.

We are going to do the same here at The 60/40, with Super {flea} Sunday.
So grab your favorite cuppa and come peruse my latest flea market finds, antique shop curiosities and other interesting bits.

In the past few weeks I've picked up two globes, one at a flea and one at an antique store.
 The top globe dates to 1949; I love it's weathered patina and square metal base.
The bottom globe dates to 1953 and is in excellent condition.
Both were a steal at about thirty-dollars a piece.
 I plan on creating a full wall of shelving with globes of all types; similair to this.

The two paintings were flea market finds; eight-dollars for the large and three for the small.
I'd been eyeing the lady on the bike for quite sometime and the price was right, so I had to snag her up!
The birdie is full of whimsy, and both paintings will be hung on a gallery wall, possibly going up my stairs.

If you have a globe you'd like to date, please use this wonderful resource.

So there you are; our first Super {flea} Sunday! More to come next week.


Jessica said...

oo I love the Globes. Santa is bringing Brogan a Globe for Christmas this year, but I don't think a 7 year old should have an antique one. lol

Roxanne said...

They actually have some very cool old globes that light up. I'm on the hunt for one of those that isn't damaged.