no time to say "hello". goodbye. i'm late!

Time is a funny thing, even Alice knew that. So imagine the timely surprise I got when I came across the perfect clock for our humble home.

It is both fantastic and knitted. Be still my heart; be still.

The clock, designed by Carlo and Benedette Tamborini ,was front and center in Interweave Knits Weekender Issue. Imagine my suprise when I saw it for sale at Anthropologie.

But $368? I love you Anthro, but I can't have you breaking my bank. Then I had the moment.
You know, the "I can do that" moment.

Thanks be to Knit Pick's Clock Tam Kit, I can easily substitute worsted weight for the fingering weight yarn (thicker yarn for thinner yarn, for you non-knitters) and achieve the size and look of the clock.

I think it will be intriguing to see this project come together, ecspecially the size of the clock.
Christmas knitting must be completed first, along with a few other projects.
I guess the real question, where will I find the time?


Jessica said...

There's the knitted clock! I was waiting to see it! :) I can't wait to see yours.

Roxanne said...

I can't wait to pick out the yarn for it! Almost as much fun as knitting.

wednesday said...

I love anthropologie!!! but alas it is waaaaay too expensive for me too. lol. one day i will be able to afford their beautiful natural fiber clothes and home accents =)