christmas daydreams.

I planned on kicking off Christmas at The 60/40 today, but my Christmas boxes got in the way!
I know, it isn't even Thanksgiving yet, but I am in the spirit.
Over the next week I will be decking the halls, sprucing the spruce, sipping cocoa, and listening to carols.

I'll also be bringing you fantastic gift ideas, d-i-y projects, quick holiday knits for all you knitters, an avalanche of spirit at your finger tips! But today I'll day dream about Christmas; every gal deserves a day.

via dr hemmert, isn't his kitty adorable?

I would really like to hear your feedback today. Please leave me a comment and let me know what you are looking for this Christmas. The perfect cookie recipe? That easy peasy gift you can make for all of your friends in an hour? Your feedback is priceless, so let me know.

Tomorrow I have some absolutely fantastic ornaments for you; better break out that tree!


Bridget said...

If you have any ideas/projects for Christmas gifts for couples from someone on a VERY limited budget, I'd like to know!

(P.S. even if you don't I can't wait to see what you have - I LOVE Christmastime!)

Roxanne said...

There are going to be so many budget busting projects! I'm all about using my scraps and things around the house this time of year. No sense in breaking the bank!

Erin Wallace said...

Oohhh! I love your blog - the design, the pictures. It's great. Going to follow you on Google reader and paste a link on my blog (which doesn't get tons of traffic yet, but I remain hopeful!)

Roxanne said...

I'll be adding you too Erin; I adore your blog! I remain hopeful I'll start to get some traffic too! Anything you're looking for, for the holidays?