happy thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving lovelies! What are you thankful for today?
I'm extremely thankful for my husband, my family, and the family I've created for myself.

Today we'll enjoy a Thanksgiving potluck with my friends from knitting and their families. They are the greatest bunch of people and I'm looking forward to the good food and laughs. It's always a show when we get together.

Are you cooking up anything yummy? I made three pies and sweet potato casserole. I hope they're a hit.

I'm thankful for you too; I've been so inspired sharing with you through my blog.I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with loved ones.
See you Sunday for the {flea}.

How cute is he?


Kate said...

Have a great holiday! I made a sweet potato and swiss chard gratin- it should be great! And THREE pies- you are ambitious! Take care!

New Girl on Post said...

My Thanksgiving went well! All the food turned out well except the rolls...oh well.

Hope your thanksgiving was good!