homespun holidays: pet friendly decorating

When I asked my friends on Facebook if they needed anything for the holidays I thought I'd get the usual requests, but my friend Julie gave me something better. Julie's a newlywed and like alot of newlyweds, she and her husband are traveling home to see family.

 Insert her dilema here: Julie has two precious kitties, but said their nicknames should be 'Vlad the Destroyer'. Last year she and her man made decorations only to come home to them scattered all over the house. Not good.

Thankfully my little furball Hank has no interest in our tree or decorations, but I don't want leave Julie coming home to an unfestive, messy house.

The key here is to make something whimisical and pretty, but that A) doesn't cost a fortune and B) is pet friendly; that way if they do happen to get their paws on it, they haven't broken the ceramic tree your mom made in the second grade.

Most of the projects I have in mind are soft or paper garlands; they can be hung away from curious cats and reused year after year. Leave out the glass ornaments too, make these piece by piece to decorate your tree.

I adore this advent. You can't get much easier than felt, ribbon and thread. The link gives you all of the instructions, plus the heavy suggestion to fill these little pockets with chocolate (don't have to ask me twice).

This snowflake curtain is down right amazing. I haven't made paper flakes since elementary school.

This Tree bunting is fantastic and easy. Take it a step further by making a few smaller ones and stuffing them with catnip. Instant kitty gift that keeps them distracted.

Another felt garland; this one is just too easy and offers so many color possibilities.

A good swag works too. This piece makes me grin ear to ear.

All of these projects are easy, peasy, d-i-y, cost affective and cute.
There's the added bonus of setting aside an hour or two to to make something special with your loved ones.

Julie, I hope you can find something here to make, that you, your husband and 'little destroyers' will love.


Louise said...

These are some great ideas! I too have an issue with any holiday decorations as my kitties and now puppy will destroy anything we put up!!

Roxanne said...

You could def use these Louise. I think I'm going to make the Advent garland with no numbers and less pouches and stuff each one with catnip or treats for Hankers.