in all my glory.

So today was a great day. I thought I had to work, I didn’t. I gave a lovely knitter some scrapbooking stuff for her niece for Christmas and she kindly gave me 2 skeins of Malabrigo yarn in return; sweet.

I thought…maybe today is the day. I ran to my mailbox and my heart sank; 2 bills and a stupid Bed, Bath and Beyond coupon. Not today I thought.

Then I swung open my gate and caught something white, red, and blue on the ground. A package? yesssss. A large, fluffy package? double yessssss A Three Irish Girls package?!?!?! triple yessssss.

I literally threw my things on the floor at the front door. This package was all I cared about at the moment; this day I have been waiting for.

If you aren't familiar with my 3IG obsession, it's one that runs deep. Her yarn is exceptional and I ordered six skeins of yarn from the Dye For Glory contest in July; yes July. 3IG took home four of twelve categories, to give you an idea of how great her stuff is.

Anyway, back to the story....

Some lime green tissue, some Seacoast Springvale Bulky scraps (which were tied up as a headband in my hair right away), a huge sticker with a heartfelt note from my beloved Yarnista (which was cut out and saved for my bulletin board right away).

Then the unfolding began. Wait, I thought…it’s too damn dark in my kitchen. So I scooped it up and headed out into the sunroom and there in the perfectly sunny afternoon light I tore into that package that had been so lovingly taped. I haven’t been this excited since I got an American Girl doll when I was 8.

What happened next was too much for my eyes. There was a sea of color, the entire spectrum; Georgia Peach, Alchemy, Father Time and Zephyr. All for me??? I couldn’t believe it. This isn’t just yarn. This is the best yarn I have ever, ever purchased.

All insanely soft. All scrumptious. All mine.
I could care less what I get for Christmas now, give me Red Heart for all I care. Christmas came today!

Here are my beauties. Thank you Sharon for taking such care of these pretties and passing me a slice of my own, personal glory.

Georgia Peach (McClellan), Alchemy (Kells), Father Time (OMG! I died, on McClellan), Zephyr (Adorn Sock).

I'm off to fondle, err... pet my yarn. Have a happy day!


Kate said...

Holy crap!! That yarn is so amazing! You must be so so happy! Do you have plans for your little pretties? I can't wait to see what you make!

Roxanne said...

I have plans yet. I'd like to make a blanket for my mum out of the peach color. It'd be perfect for her. I have so many projects and so little time to knit!