homespun holidays: gifts for the book lover.

I love giving books for Christmas; they are such a thoughtful gift and so easy to make personal.
Giving to the book lover in your life can go way beyond hardcovers too.
Here are some fabulous ideas to keep the reading nerd in all of us happy!

I'm all for giving these Penguin Classics for the holidays, but also making a small collection of favorite authors or subjects. Tie a bundle with pretty ribbon and let the covers speak for themselves.

If the books your giving aren't so pretty, Book City Jackets makes the coolest book covers. Aren't they awesome? I'm completely in love with them and they are fairly inexpensive.

If you want to move away from actual books try a little d-i-y wreath.
I can see myself making these for so many people in my life; charming, easy and for under two dollars? Yes please! Just assure the giftee you didn't tear apart a vintage copy of The Great Gatsby to make it.

Vintage bookends are a great gift too; I recently saw a pair at my local thrift of the biblical sort. I desperately wanted to spray paint them hot pink. Check all over, I ended up purchasing a similair pair for $5. My mom would kill me, she thinks owls are bad luck (don't ask).

Of course you want to knit something too, right? Ya, me too. Bookmarks are the kind of gift you can turn out for everyone in the whole family or your girlfriends last minute. The best part? You can use up your scrap yarn. Try these pretties and tell me your grandma won't gush.

via ninaclock designs : pattern via ravelry

via tjajudy : pattern via ravelry

Ooo and I don't crochet at all, so can someone puh-lease send me one of these? Fantastic.

via crochetroo : pattern via ravelry

I'm about ready to curl up with a book and a cuppa, how about you? I hope these work out to be some great go to gifts or make their way onto your wishlist.

Tomorrow I'm going to solve a friend's decoration/kitty crisis. Be sure to come back.

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Kate said...

OOOOOO!!!!!!!!! I love the cover of The Picture of Dorian Gray!! It's beautiful!

Oh no! I just clicked your link, and there's a whole line of sexy hardcover reprints with amazing covers! I must have them all!!!