super {flea} sunday: homespun holiday edition.

How was your weekend? My husband and I got into the Christmas spirit this weekend, got alot of things done and had fun doing it!

Friday we went to the community tree lighting with my friend Christy and her kiddos. I chuckled as all the Floridians bundled up in winter coats and scarves because forty-five degrees is "freezing". I grew up in PA and went to college in OH, so needless to say we got alot of funny looks for showing up in just sweaters. We also saw the movie Brothers; It was really intense, but I recommend it.

Saturday morning our knitting group had a holiday get together. We ate yummy food, laughed and swapped disclothes. Pat, who was my secret Santa, knit me a beautiful blue lace cloth and gave me some delicious toffee colored Lamb's Pride yarn and some Soak wash! Thank you Pat.

I spent the rest of the afternoon putting lights on our tree (more on that later in the week), hanging ornaments for the first time as husband and wife, and cried my eyes out at the end of the movie White Christmas.

And now here we are. It's {flea} day and I have so many pretties to show you! The stockings are hung, the fireplace is on. You ready? Let's go.

I've been meaning to show you these little gals for a while; Polly and Molly. They're wooden bobble heads and absolutely adorable. I picked up the handmade ceramic tree at the {flea} for $5; it reminded me of my Grammie who used to make them. I think it suits their smiling faces and paint chipped bodies well.

Please excuse my horrid pictures, all taken with my iPhone and poor lighting in my house. The tree is ice blue with glitter and all green lights. I love it!

I also scooped up another globe for $5 at an antique shop right down the street from my house. It's called Pink House and it is in an insanely bright pink house. Cram packed full of deals too.

I now have 4 globes scattered around my home; I think it's time to get the shelf I've been dreaming of. Maybe Santa will bring me one? I couldn't see putting them away for the holidays, so they all have big red bows adorning them.

I have had alot of luck at the {flea} lately. I snagged this vintage little Santa planter a few weeks ago for, you guessed it, $5 bucks! I love getting a good deal, and since I don't have a plant to put in his pack I filled it will silver bells. Doesn't he make you smile?

And last but not least I had to share my Owl. My friends know me to be quite the curb diver. During the summers in college, the town rotate weeks of "throw out anything you can put on the curb". Furniture, art, broken windows, you name it, I found it! I was super stoked to snag this yarn owl,in our new town, in the rain. He is fuzzy, enourmous and cheerily hangs over our couch. I had to dress him up for the holidays.

There you have it. Some holiday pretties, on the cheap! What is your best {flea} find for the holidays? I am all about finding things at the thrift and the like for decor and gifts. Vintage scores are the best!

This week I have plenty to show you and I hope you'll come back. Monday; a gift guide for knitters. Tuesday; a gift wrap tutorial. Wednesday; I'll attempt to share photos of my Christmas decor, along with some tips. Thursday; a gals gift guide. And sometime this week, my very first giveaway! I'm so very excited.

Enjoy your Sunday evening; I'm off to watch the Harry Potter marathon, warm up some hot cocoa, and finally felt my French Press Slippers.


Johnna said...

I love your mason jar for your needles! Angela's bringing me a whole bunch of them from her in laws and I was planning on using them for that same reason!

Chelsea said...

don't you just love vintage globes? Rox, come to Oklahoma and go thrifting/junking/antiquing/flea-ing with me. Do you know I don't have a single friend that likes to do that?! crazy right. I need a partner in crime. Let's go.

Erin Wallace said...

What great fun! I just l;ove to go thrifting and antiquing and am also drawn to globes. I have my dad's light-up globe from 1950 and am always tempted to add to it. And a gift of Soak . . . ooohhh!