super {flea} sunday, on a monday.

Happy Monday; the {flea} is coming to you a day late as yesterday my husband and I were having a fun time playing board games and watching football with friends.

How was your weekend? Did you find any goodies?
I'd love to see what you're picking up for the holidays!

This weeks {flea} isn't so much about 'finds' as it is about last minute gifts. There is only ten shopping days until Christmas and I know some of you haven't even started. But never fear, I've found some really great last minute gifts and diy projects that will make your friends and family smile.

Elsie of A Beautiful Mess has posted a tutorial for an easy peasy, ultra cute laptop cover.
This could easily be whipped up in a matter of hours!

Hop on over to Martha Stewart and make your mum some of these pretty trees.
Can you believe they're magazines?

If you're looking to buy, try this sweet little iphone case,

Or some chocolate covered oreos (um, yes please!).

Try your local baker or craft fair for last minute gifts too. Searching Etsy for sellers local to you will insure the gifts arrive in time!

I know I haven't posted my wrap tutorial as promised; but I'm just not pleased with it and don't want anyone handing out packages that I don't think are utterly beautiful.

But guess what I do have for you? You'll have to check back tomorrow to find out (hehe).
See you then!

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Erin Wallace said...

Those Oreos are amazing. The only problem is they are my trigger, and no one else would ever get to see them as they'd be gone before they got to the kitchen!