happy weekend.

My happy weekend is coming a bit early because I'll be busy, busy tomorrow. This week has been so super productive for me creative wise. I've done alot of drawing, crafting and knitting, so I need a little relaxation (not that all the crafting wasn't relaxing).

Are you going to see The Lovely Bones this weekend? I'll see it in the afternoon; I'm really excited, it's one of my all time favorite books. Then I'm spending the evening having drinks with some of the girls.

The rest of the weekend will be spent hanging with my husband and possibly doing this adorable wreath I saw on The Purl Bee. Pretty, right?

All of the directions are on their site if you wish to join along! I also hope to finish up my shawl in time for the {flea} on Sunday. What are you up to this weekend? Leave something fun you'll be doing for me. xoxo


New Girl on Post said...

Sounds like you have a fun weekend planned!

I need to clean out the garage, but who knows if it will happen. I do plan on working on my scrapbook too though.

Jessica said...

Very cute wreath! Sounds like a fun weekend for you!

My weekend will be mostly boring. Kell has to work today while almost everyone else has a 4 day..boo. I have a stupid jewelry party to go to Sat night. I'm only going to see some old friends, I hate the jewelry that is being sold. church Sunday and that is it. absolutely nothing exciting here.

Kate said...

That wreath is so cute! I love the way it's displayed! Have a great weekend- and enjoy the movie! I'm about to start the book, so I doubt I'll be able to see it in the theater. :( Did you read the book?

Erin Wallace said...

Happy weekend to you! The wreath is so lovely! Have fun making it! I never read The Lovely Bones because the premise just seemed too hard for me to handle. The movie previews make me think I should have read the book. Let us know about it please!