the lovely bones.

It's rare that I post on a Saturday, but I wanted to tell you all how much I enjoyed The Lovely Bones. The book is one of my all time favorites, so I was a little nervous the movie doing it justice.

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My favorite part is the dreamlike portrait of 'the inbetween' that Alice Seabold paints and I'm no movie critic, but I thought Peter Jackson did a really fantastic job of bringing that painting to life. The imagery and special effects were breathtaking to say the least.

Mark Wahlberg was a super convincing Jack Salmon. I'm also really hoping to see the actress who played Susie, Saoirse Ronan, in more films; she's such an unusual beauty. Cool fact, her name is Saoirse, but you pronounce it Sa-nerch-a, sweet, right?

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I think my favorite part was not only the dreamlike imagery, but the constrast of the vivid colors of that imagery compared to the color and feel of the scenes on earth. Everything was very 70's, but the colors were really subdued.

I do have to say I didn't care for the ending and some of the other very important parts of the book they left out. It was a disappointment to see Jackson have put all of his focus on Susies killer and the imagery and instead left out some really, really important details. The second half seemed disjointed and I do think it's because of the this. I also think the movie would have been better suited as a rated R, rather than PG-13. The books content is obviously heavy and mature, but it's clear that was watered down for the younger audience.

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 Have you seen it yet? Have you read the book? I'm so interested to hear what you all think too.

PS. So I'm reading some bits online and it's getting horrible reviews. Roger Ebert called it "a deplorable film"...ouch.Seriously, read the review, I'm not sure he a) read the book or b) "got it". Now I'm not saying some details weren't left out, but what novel to film doesn't leave a few important things out?. The imagery was enough for me; the reason this is my favorite is book is the feelings it evoked from me and the picture of heaven and the afterlife it created. I think there Jackson did a fine job in keeping with the book. But just a fair warning that critics everywhere are saying it sucks. Unsuprisingly, viewers are giving it an A+.


Jennifer said...

oh yeah, i forgot they were making a movie out of this book! it's definitely one of my favorite books, and based on your review, sounds like i should go see the movie!

BonnieW said...

I really want to see this movie I think I'm going to have to do it backwards though and read the book after the movie. I can't find a copy to check out at any of the 4 library branches in the area. I'm so excited about it though, every time I see a preview, I get chills.

DIYva Designs said...

Well damn, now I have to go read the book first. LOL...No seriously, now I am going to the bookstore tomorrow to snag it before I see the flick. Thanks! :)

Lindsay said...

Read the book a few years ago, loved it! Can't wait to see it in theaters, though I do fear what it'll look like on screen (as usual with all good books).

It seems like most movies that critics really hate are popular with viewers, and well reviewed movies are so-so.