happy weekend.

Morning lovelies. I'm so very happy for the weekend. What does your weekend look like? I'll be keeping inspired; here's what my weekend looks like:

1. Finish my Mara Shawl; I seriously feel like this ribbing is never ending.
2. Start a hat for myself and possibly some gloves (hooray, more selfish knitting!)
3. Whip up some more sewing ideas I have.
4. Make 2 Valetines projects, one for hubby and one for an amazing friend (posts to come later)
5. Make a little to-do list for all the projects I'm starting to accumulate in my noggin'. I know I'm attempting to "plan less, do more", but I can't keep track of all the ideas floating through my brain!
6. Read a little Salinger to remember him by.

I'd like to ask you a favor too, please. I would absolutely adore it if you clicked that little button on the right that says 'follow'. I hate to whore myself out, but I like you all and I want you to stay. I also don't mind if you want to tell your friends ;) I love meeting new people and seeing new faces. Looking at that little box every day and seeing the number go up by one or two really makes me smile. Thank you!

I'll have a sweet little {flea} this Sunday and next week I'm going to have a giveaway cause I love you! See you then. xoxo.


elledee said...

i want that glass milk carton!

Roxanne said...

Look what I found! I think I may have to snag one too. So cute...http://www.uncommongoods.com/item/item.jsp?itemId=18617

Kate said...

Ribbing goes on forever, doesn't it? Stay strong, it does end at some point. Love the glass milk thingy! If only I wasn't so averse to washing dishes in every way possible, it would actually buy one!

Have a great weekend! It sounds like you have great plans ahead!

Jenn said...

OMG...how cute is that little cream pitcher!?!?!? I want one.

Happy lace knitting :)