lace all over.

Let's get something straight. I suck at knit-alongs; everyone is always faster than me and I hate knitting on a dealine; even an open ended one. So when Kate, from Lazy Kate Creates, proposed the idea of not only a KAL, but a lace KAL, I was dead set on not participating.
checkerboard lace scarf via the purl bee : pattern via ravelry

But then she kept posting about it and more and more knitters started joining up. I totally caved to the peer pressure and for a good reason; for this KAL there are no rules! That's right, none. You can knit nekkid in the street if you like (not that I advise such a thing).
lakeside socks (cute, right?) via knotions : pattern via ravelry

The Adventures in Lace KAL starts tomorrow on February 1st; we even have our very own Ravelry group and Flickr pool; we are that cool. In keeping with the 'no rules' fun, my project will be my Ravelympics project, so I will cast on February 12th. Crap; where did January go?

Join us won't ya? I can't wait to cast on and see what everyone else is doing!
Up next; a very exciting Super {flea} Sunday!


Kate said...

nekked in the street?! I quite like the sound of that- if the temperature would cooperate just a little bit. Oh, well. Wouldn't that be a great first rule?

1. nekked in the street.
2. knit vigorously.
3. WAit! not too vigorously.

Thanks so much for posting about the KAL- this is going to be so much fun!

Manon said...

This is so much fun!
But I think I'll just learn to knit in February.

Jennifer Katherine said...

Totally diggin' those socks right now. It's FREEZING in WI and I'd really love to be snuggled up with those on!

Erin Wallace said...

Roxanne, I can almost Guarantee that you will get done with your project before me. I'm still knitting sock number one that I started two weeks ago. Having to put it aside to start with my stole for the KAL. I am SLOW! Oh, and I found out today that I have been doing the knit stitch totally wrong all of these years when I went to figure out how knitting through the back was any different from what I was already doing! Knitting incorrectly all of these years!

Gina said...

I love that scarf! I wish I was more of a scarf person because I think they are great!