i wish.

So it's getting close to moving time. In March hubby and I will be headed to Colorado; where the sun shines alot and the snow is plentiful. I'm overly excited. So excited, that I often stalk realty sites, craigslist and the like for the perfect rental. As an Army family we could live on post, but it's a long wait ( I won't bore you with the details).

Today, I found that perfect rental! It covers my list of small requirements for this move (hardwood floors, fireplace, light walls (aka not crazy batshit mauve on the walls like my current place), lots of windows). Wanna see? I know you do.

Behold....the loft,

that's in this flipping sweet building

and has amazing windows.

Yeah, the pictures are crap, but look at it! It speaks for itself. That top picture was all I needed to see. There was a pic of the bathroom too, it had a exposed brick wall. Hello, perfection.

There's a teensy problem though.....yeah, the price. It's just a measly thousand bucks a month out of our price range. But...but...but, I love it.

*Le sigh* a gal can dream, right?


Kate said...

I guess I didn't catch on to the title, because I was scrolling down down down and thinking "Oh my god! Oh my god! Does she get to live here? Because if she does, we're gonna have to hang out in real life and drink cocktails and lounge around that amazing space!"

But, it's not to be. And who really needs all that space anyway? How would you ever wash those windows? Right? It's not even that nice. ;)

Roxanne said...

You just made me feel sooo much better. Though I'm still dying on the inside :P

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is absolutely amazing! I want to live there, too!
But as Kate so wisely pointed out, it's really not that nice. I mean, I'd get really acrophobic so high up there, and those stairs look awfully dangerous, don't you think? Oh yeah, and with that many windows, wouldn't you feel like a fish in a bowl? Way to bring us back to reality Kate! :-)

Allison said...

Um, you just posted pictures of my dream place. Wow. I can't get over the light. And the loft. What a great place! Too bad you can't knit yourself up another thousand a month. :(

DIYva said...

LOL!!! I was reading all the way down too, getting a little green in the face. I'm like, hmmmmm where can me and my husband and our wee bitty ones fit....under the stairs? Yep.