kitten happiness.

I heart Kittens! Don't you?

I sure could use some kittens to cheer me up today. This morning I woke up feeling under the weather and our outdoor sink spewing water everywhere (since, ya know, it's twenty degrees here in Florida the pipes must burst). Let's just say I ended up covered in freezing cold water.

I'll start with my 'kitten', Hank, or Hankers as I usually call him.
He's the light of my life.

I'll be spending the rest of the day on the couch. What are your plans?
Hope these kitt-ahs make you smile!


All together now...Awwww.

all via weheartit


Jessica said...

stinking cute!

Erin Wallace said...

Kittens and more kittens! Who can get enough! I love my cats, too, but I have to say that kittens take the cake.

Kate said...

knitten+large dog= SQUEEE!

S said...

*sniff* Thanks for posting the kitteh cutenesses! I so miss having kittehs to love - they triggered my DD's asthma, so after many years of trying everything, we had to rehome them. :( Give Hank an extra snuggle and smooch for me.
I thought of you when I heard how cold FL was getting - finally, you have a chance to wear your yummy handknits! Sorry about the pipes, though - we've done that, and it sucks.


Liz said...

Adorable! You totally put a smile on my face with those ;-)