new year, new goals.

I'm feeling really uninspired today; I wanted to write something witty about new years resolutions, but I can't put it better than this: most of them are crap. Yes, crap. Why are we making resolutions to do things that already make us unhappy?

This year I'm trying something new; all of my resolution are things that are fun, light hearted and things I actually want to accomplish.

*Knit for me*

I deserve a year of selfish knits; no really, I do. You do to, did you know that?

*Plan less, create more*

Because who doesn't need more serendipity in their life. Sometimes I feel a though I spend all my time talking about a project rather then getting to it!

*Sew, sew, sew*

I received a sewing maching for Christmas in 2008; a really nice one. Ask me if it's been used? I'm starting with the book One Yard Wonders and moving on from there.

*Stop being so good in bed*

Um, no, not like that. I mean sleep; I can sleep like, I don't know...I'll sleep alot. I love sleep, but I'm also my father's child and love staying up until 4 A.M. It's not that I want to sleep less, but I'd love a normal sleep schedule. I woke up at 9 today; I'm dragging ass, but it's a start.

And that's it; sure I could add more goals crap, but why stress myself over cutting out pop or trying a new hobby? Alot of my other goals are things I already incorporate into my every day life.

What are your goals for the new year? Are you the type to torment yourself all year, or do you fall off the wagon after March?

I'm no 'expert', but I encourage you to take it light with me this year! Screw those ten pound you swear you have to lose; you look beautiful the way you are. Come enjoy life with me; it's the journey that matters after all.


Jennifer said...

i'm totally with you!! i've decided, this year, instead of making a bunch of "resolutions" that i'll forget about after 3 weeks, i'm going to have monthly goals for myself - that way they'll be different every month, so i won't get tired of them. and they'll be much more realistic!

Chelsea said...

oh my goodness! I need that book! I'm all about the whole have-fun-resolutions!

Erin Wallace said...

Love the resolutions! Knitting for me is a great one - I rarely do that; I think most knitters knit for others. Creating more - actively working on that one. Being less good in bed - I can sleep forever, too, but I never get to, so I want to be better and better and better! So great!

Kristie said...

Good luck on the New Year's resolutions!

Kate said...

You have the best resolutions I've seen yet! I'm glad to see that you plan to knit for yourself! I'm a rare knitter that likes to make things for her own wardrobe, and sometimes I feel a bit guilty about that. Go for it- and have fun!