love my mug.

Sooo, I have a problem with mugs. Or really, drinking glasses in general. We have two sets of recycled glasses. A set we received for our wedding from my good friend; pint glasses adorned with a black squirrel (our college's unofficial mascot). And another awesome set my brother-in-law sent us for Christmas; another pint set with a hand peace sign motif and paisley print (they are so flipping cool).

Then there are the mugs; hometown mugs, tea cups, owl mugs, mugs that came with our dish sets, army mugs. Seriously, we may have upward of thirty mugs! I can't stop buying them too; they're so cute and I swear everytime I find one, three more pop up. It's like having rabbits.

My mom bought me this adorable knitting mug for Christmas, my new favorite tea vessel.

Seriously, how flippin' cute is that?

But I'm already jonsing for one of these. Anyone know where I can get one? Anything that helps me eat cookies, I want in my cupboard.

And this just makes me smile.

I know you have a favorite mug, spill about it! I'll have to show you all my owl mugs someday, but give my mother fair warning; she's always told me they're bad luck. Sorry mom.


Lindsay said...

i loooove mugs! that little red riding hood one has been on my wish list for ages...i need to just get it. :)

Jessica said...

I need new mugs! I hate all mine. Must...hit...up...antique...mall.... :P

Kate said...

I love your mugs! I have a thing for mugs, too! Would you mind if I wrote a post about mugs? I'd link back to you, of course!

Roxanne said...

Kate, mug away! I really should drag all of mine out, but that would be a feat.

Anonymous said...


Could only find the cookie mugs in the UK, but here is a link...