oh, how pretty.

Do you Regretsy? When I've had a rough day I always head over to Regretsy and belly laugh until it hurts over the hilarious items that get posted. 'Helen Killer's' sense of humor is just my style.

This weekend she had a contest where readers designed fabric swatches with images from some of the horrendous crap featured on her site. The winner received three yards from Spoonflower, pretty much my new favorite site.

Spoonflower lets you create your own custom fabrics from images or graphics. You just upload, move some stchuff around until you find a design you like and order away! They sell every thing from swatch samples to fat quarters for quilting and by the yard fabrics.

Cute, right?
via spoonflower

And if you aren't so inclined to make your own, order some fabric that another lovely dreamed up. I'm ready to start sewing now! There are some seriously pretty things on that site.

Gah, I must have this!
via spoonflower

They aren't all whimsical like this either (I just adore these), there are some serious graphic prints, striped, and abstract for your home or clothes or anything you can dream up.

Check them out; leave me links to your favorite patterns and tell me what you'd make. I'm off to be creative, see you tomorrow!