super {flea} sunday.

Happy Sunday loves! How was your weekend? Youth in Revolt was fantastic, I highly recommend you see it for a good laugh. Saturday was spent with friends having a grand old time.

This weeks {flea} are some Trey Speegle goodies I picked up when I was home. Trey is a pretty popular paint by number artist and I was super stoked when he teamed up with, be-still-my-heart, Anthropolgie.

I'm pretty much in love with his plate series, 111 Reasons To Love You and was lucky enough to snag #103: Chivalrous for just a few bucks at the Anthro sale. I plan on adding it to my gallery wall once I get some brackets; it's just too pretty to eat off of.

I also grabbed this sweet little soap set. I love that the inside is a printed paint by number that I could fill in if I wanted too. The soap is extra yummy smelling too, like bubble gum.

Of course I picked up the 'R' for Roxanne, but was really drawn to the Mia Farrow looking lady on the front.

In the Spring there are more things debuting like linens and a limited edition chair. I wish I could snag that, but a girl can still swoon right? Until them I'm still on the hunt for one of his fantastic puzzles (which I sadly can't find a picture of, but trust me).

I'm off to do some knitting and enjoy the afternoon sunshine. See you tomorrow.


Kate said...

Why was it that as a kid I hated paint by number, and now all of a sudden I see it and think " OOOhhhh... That's nice?" What happened between then and now?

Love the plate, love the soaps!

French Press Knits said...

Those are so fun!