super {flea} sunday.

Happy Sunday lovelies. How was your weekend? Mine is not quite over; my husband has a 4-day weekend and we are having a blast hanging out together and being silly.

Here's the latest of my globes, for this weeks {flea}. It's a different color than the the others I have, but I so adore it for that very reason.

I also snagged these trivets while I was in Kentucky over Christmas. The colors are really great and I love the faux bois border. I bought two of them for $5 and one will eventually make its way to my cousin. Our Bubbie used to wake us up during summer vacations by standing in the hallway and saying "Moooorrrning Glory". These instantly made me think of her :)

A quick in and out today; I'm so sorry to share and run. Leave me a little love, I'm dying to know what you did this weekend. xoxo.


Erin Wallace said...

I love that globe. I love globes. Maybe someday I'll have a house big enough for all of the hundreds of globes that I want to have (and maps - I love those, too).

Kate said...

A globe COLLECTION?! I'm so jealous- I've always wanted one! I love to study old maps, to see how the political borders have changed.