be weir{d}.

Ok, ok. I promise I'll stop with the men's figure skating after this. But how could I resist a post about Johnny Weir? He skates, he mouths off, he's fashionably fabulous, he's Johnny Weir.

What's your take? I can't get enough of him. His skate last night was insanely beautiful and he really knows how to add that extra "oophm" to his show (maybe it's the glitter?). I acutally thought he should have medaled, but what do I know.

His flamboyance is the best part. He has a show,  Be Good Johnny, have you seen? I hadn't known about it, but it is hilarious. He is constantly getting into trouble with his coach, laughing with his family and, I think, portraying all of the issues that come with being such a huge athlete.

And.....he cleans.

I really do enjoy his over-the-top attitude, but the show goes beyond that. He's just a good guy; helping out his family and friends, which is really nice to see (here's lookin' at you Tiger).

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I read an article this morning about how he may trade in his skates for fashion (and one about how he loves lemon pledge and lady gaga). What do you think he should stick with? I'm looking forward to whatever he does as long as he keeps the glitter and sound bytes coming.


Erin Wallace said...

I LOVE the man! I want to be his best friend - we can talk skating, he can teach me Russian and teach my daughter, who is a figure shater, how to skate like an Olympian, and we can be fabulous together. He is sucha fresh breath to the world of figure skating!

Chelsea said...

I'm fascinated by him.