triple toe loop to gold.

Last night Josh jokingly asked if  could make a post about this:

The costume, not the man. Then I giggled because I think this outfit is ugly. But you know what I am going to make (part of) a post about the man. That's Evgeni Plushenko of Russia and I think he's a sorry sport.

Did you watch last night? Evgeni lost the gold medal to Evan Lysacek and is raging about it in the media today. I say, get over yourself sweetie, I know they teach you sportsmanship in Russia. Watching men's figure skating is a bit like watching cats in shoes to me, but watching Evan was like watching a man do a fine waltz that happened to be on ice. Now I'm no expert but Evgeni skated for skill. Great skills yes, but there was no feeeeeling in his performance, know what I mean?

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I actually wanted this to be a cheerful post, I was going to poke a little fun at the costumes (Um, was Evan going to skate to Britney Spears with that snake) but I walked away last night feeling pretty disturbed about the Russian's behaivor. He seemed less than thrilled to even receive his medal and even "kiddingly" hopped up on the podium in the 1st place spot before jumping down to his place. What if an American had done that? There would be problems. During the playing of our anthem he himmed and hawed, rolled his eyes and shuffled his feet. Pretty sad if you ask me.  

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Evan was the fresh air in all of this; he skated and acted like humble pie. One of my favorite things to watch during the Olympics is the medal ceremonies. Each athlete reacts differently. A little smile crept across Evan's face as the gold weighed around his neck. He grabbed it and stared like it was the first time he'd ever seen anything shiny. His superstitious Mom, who watched his performance from down the street!, cried in the stands.

It's pretty clear why he won and how deserving he is. I got all sorts of bummed to see the media littered with stories about the Russian's outrage this morning. Aren't you bummed?

There's one week left for the Olympics. What events are you looking forward to? How's the Ravelympics project coming along (don't ask about mine)? Heads up for a few more Olympics inspired posts before the weekend!

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