good things are coming.

Does something look different to you?
 Look right.
......A little more.
What do you see?

Not that I don't think you aren't astute, but you may notice the blog roll is missing. That's my 'little announcement', which is really a big tease anyway.

See the missing blogroll will soon be replaced with a more streamlined edition. This will be the first of quite a few changes here at The 60/40. That's the "tease" portion and now my mouth is zipped.

all via we heart it

I am anxiously awaitng our move in a month and some wonderful things to follow. I think posting on the road will be so much fun, there will be so many things to see and share. I really do hope you'll join me and spread the word.

Are you looking to see more of something here? If so, I want to know. Be sure to look for the new blogroll and other exciting announcements soon, soon, soon!

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Kate said...

Oooooo I'm so excited to see what you're up to! Do tell do tell! Soon! I'm not sure if I can handle the suspense!