super {flea} sunday.

Hey, hey {flea} lovers. How was your weekend? Mine was pretty productive. I also finally ventured into a used bookstore up the street from me this week. I feel like I always discover the best little shops right before moving away.

I'm trying to buy all of my favorite books and the classics. Books I think my kids should read someday, and with the passing of Salinger, I walked home with a copy of Franny and Zoey and Nine Stories. No fancy covers this week, just good literature. I have a feeling I'll be in that store a bunch.
I <3 my owl book ends. Have those been on the {flea}, I can't remember?

Keep popping back today, I'm going to make a little announcement and have a fun little post to boot. xo.


Morganism said...

Howard Zinn and J.D. Salinger in the same week! :'( How sad.

Kate said...

Love those bookends! Too cute! Can't wait to hear what the announcement is all about!