inspiring work.

So, I've decided to share some super fun news with you all. My friend Angela is a photographer and often works from her home office. She claims the space is "horrible", but it really isn't. She's asked me to organize it for her and give it some style!

Little does Angela know I covet doing things like this for friends. I was always the girl that friends called over to help rearrange their rooms. But this is different; Angela has an actual budget and keeps telling me how "flexible" she is. The space is charming, big and gets awesome natural light.

I'm going to post a little inspiration board here for her to gander over so we can discuss some ideas when we see each other. I'd love to hear what you all want in a home office space; do you like open shelving? Or tons of closed furniture so you can throw everything in there and close the door?

1. office, 2. My new office, 3. modern-home office- photos, 4. office, 5. South Hall Office, 6. Pauline working, 7. More office, 8. The Finished Patterned Vase, 9. My Studio, 10. My office, 11. trading spaces, 12. The Shipping Center in My Studio, 13. New Home Office, 14. the office, 15. living room shelves, 16. my office, 17. Office Makeover - After, 18. my home office, 19. Office & Yarn Room, 20. the office gets lots of light now, 21. my office

With her blessing; I'd love to keep you all updated on the progress of her space and show you the final product! Be sure to check out her blog too; she's amazingly talented.


French Press Knits said...

Yay! This is perfect- I am still constantly looking for inspiration for my craft room :)

What program do you use to make your photo collage?

Jessica said...

That's awesome!

Roxanne said...

Thanks gals! Melynda, I seriously spent sooooo much time on Flickr. I couldn't stop!