come on down.

Guess what? I couldn't wait until morning to find out who's the winner of the have a little heart giveaway. With all of the following, commenting, etc; we had a total of twenty entries! Reading your comments was so much fun (and appetizing). Be sure to send your husbands and boyfriends over here so they have a Valentine's day hint.

Before we get to the winner I wanted to share my favorite flower/chocolate combo too. I'm quite a flower lover, peony and hydrangea top my list, but for Valentine's day I love Dahlias. They're so versatile and even a single bloom can make a gal smile.

This 'aurora kiss' dahlia is my favorite.

An 'appleblossom' dahlia. Doesn't it look like a watercolor painting?

And when it comes to chocolate, I'll shove eat aynthing from a Kit Kat to Godiva. But for special occasions my heart, and taste buds, always goes home. Enter Sarris Candies, the best chocolate in the world, made with love in my hometown of Pittsburgh. The chocolate covered pretzels are probably my favorite, but any of their yumminess is fine by me! They ship from online, so check them out.

Ok, ok I know you're dying to know who won and I'm sure that our winner actually knows a thing or two about Sarris'. selected #8, which is Katie of 24/7 365!!! I had no clue Katie was reading my musings until her sweet little comment popped up as the winner.
She said:
Roxanne! I love this site and I am happy to become a follower. You are so darn cute and creative. I am excited for this Valentine's day as it will be Brice and I's first and it's wonderful to have a Valentine's day with the man I truly love and who truly loves me. I finally know what it means to love unconditionally and to receive the same in return :) As for flowers I LOVE pink roses. love love love pink roses. Candies, well I am not picky. The cutest thing Brice did was when I was on homecoming court he got me buckeyes since I am a buckeye at heart now :) so pink roses and buckeyes are perfection for me :)
See, Katie and I went to college together in Ohio and at one point dated guys who were in the same fraternity. To further the oddity, we both grew up in Pittsburgh. Imagine my suprise when I saw her entering my little contest!

Congrats Katie; I hope this year is the best ever for you. I'll get ahold of you and send 'Sweets' in the mail just in time for Valentine's day!

Happy early Valentine's day to everyone else and thanks for entering! I look forward to another contest very, very soon. See you tomorrow; xo.

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Ms. Rahl said...

Thank you :) Your blog makes me smile (and inspires me to be crafty too). Also want to give a shot out to Sarris candy. Over Christmas I lived on their pretzel rods, and peanut butter bars. I suggest everyone try their candy because it is by far the BEST I ever had. I went to their Icecream parlor in Cannonsburg and they had BUCKEYES. They stole my heart :)

Happy Valentine's Day to you all (and I'm excited for the cutest heart to come to Kent)